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The Bradford Printing, Inc is experienced in Direct Mailing

Direct Mail is just one part of the services that bradford printing can assist you with after your print job is completed. We support local businesses and mail houses and work with many in the Lansing area. Your project can go from design, print, bindery to the mailer with ease. We look forward to supporting your project with pride.

Advertising mail, also known as direct mail, junk mail, or admail, is the delivery of advertising material to recipients of postal mail. The delivery of advertising mail forms a large and growing service for many postal services, and direct-mail marketing forms a significant portion of the direct marketing industry. Some organizations attempt to help people opt out of receiving advertising mail, in many cases motivated by a concern over its negative environmental impact.

Advertising mail includes advertising circulars, catalogs, CDs, “pre-approved” credit card applications, and other commercial merchandising materials delivered to both homes and businesses. It may be addressed to pre-selected individuals, or un addressed and delivered on a neighborhood basis.

From NCOA, to insert, to post to your clients mailbox, Bradford printing can do the smallest to the some of the largest mailing projects your company can need.

Call on us to help you with your mailing.

New Capabilities... New Services... Right Now!

Bradford Printing announces the addition of our Graphic Design Services. Our newest addition to our team Nevin Speerbrecker has over twenty years of experience in graphic design and has worked for many national and international firms with extensive experience in Direct Mail and other marketing campaigns. Ask Us today how we can assist your company in growth and marketing.


Doing a brochure? We have the ability to create, fold and deliver your brochure quickly and professionally.

Color done fast

We do color fast!

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